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Chris O'Dowd is helping a UK charity raise money to build a very rude hot air balloon

Don’t worry though, it’s all for a great cause.

A BRITISH CANCER charity wants to build a hot air balloon modelled after a very intimate part of the male anatomy, all to raise awareness of male cancer.

The Male Cancer Awareness Campaign in the UK is currently attempting to raise £60,000 to build ‘Skyballs’ – a hot air balloon designed to look like a scrotum.

Whose scrotum? Erm, Peter Griffin from Family Guy, who is also supporting the campaign.

skyballsballoon Source: MCAC

They’re hoping to tour the finished balloon around the world, encouraging people to talk about testicular cancer; “the world’s biggest cancer awareness tool”, in other words.

As an ambassador for the charity, our very own Chris is helping them raise the funds. Here he is in a promotional video:

Source: MCACtv/YouTube

“Chris O’Dowd – Balloons, Bollocks and Blarney Expert.” Bet he’s pleased with that title.

h/t Jezebel

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