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Chris O'Dowd's HBO drama... and 4 other weekend TV picks

Whether you’re staying in or going wild, we’ve got the telly for you.

WOO HOO!  IT’S Friday, and it’s a Bank Holiday weekend, which means loads of time to do loads of different things.

Perhaps you’re staying in and keeping things cheap, maybe you’re having the gang over or indeed maybe you are going out on the absolute tear.

One way or the other, we’ve got some tv highlights that should fit into your weekend no matter what you have planned.

If you’re having a girls night in… Never Been Kissed (Fri, E4, 21:00)

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This film features Drew Barrymore at her cutest, playing a geeky reporter who goes back to high school for an undercover assignment.

It’s got laughs, tender moments, and a ridey love interest.  What more could you want?

If you’re already excited about Christmas… National Lampoons Christmas Vacation (Sat, Sky 1, 21:00)

Source: londonforchristmas

Yes, it’s early, but sometimes it’s nice to feel a little Christmas sparkle even if it’s not that time of year yet.

Anyway, this film is hilarious whenever you watch it.

If you’re having the lads over for cans… Die Hard 2 (Sat, C4, 21:00)


John McClane.  Terrorists.  Explosions.  DONE.

If you have the fear… Leap Year (Mon, RTE1, 21:35)

Source: MehSchel

This absolutely awful film full of American clichés about Ireland and awful accents will put your life in perspective.

Everything is ok.  At least you’re not responsible for Leap Year.

If you’re the curious type… Family Tree (Mon, RTE2, 22:30)

Source: HBO

There were great hopes for this HBO production directed by Christopher Guest (you know him from mockumentaries like A Might Wind, Best in Show and This is Spinal Tap) and starring our own Chris O’Dowd.  Alas the reviews weren’t great.

But if you’re the curious type and you like to be in the know, here’s your chance!

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