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10 common mispronunciations that are guaranteed to drive you up the wall

Just leave us here to cry.

WE CAN’T SAY JUST why mispronouncing words is so annoying, but it is.

And these ones are guaranteed to send shivers of terror down your spine, every time.

1. “Sequence”


These are sequins. This is a sequence. Sequences are a lot less fun than sequins.

2. “Troath”

2000px-Throat_anatomy_diagram.svg Source: Wikimedia

You just shuddered a bit, didn’t you?

3. “Thongue”

shutterstock_101261134 Source: Shutterstock/FCG

Making an already disgusting-sounding word more disgusting. Please cease.

4. “Chicargo”

chicago-bean-569412_1280 Source: Pixabay

There’s no ‘r’ there. We’ve checked! Several times!

5. “Pacifically”

Tahuna_maru_islet_Raroia Source: Wikimedia

*pretends to have heard ‘specifically’*

6. “For all intensive purposes”

for-all-intensive-purposes Source: Wordpress

Repeat after us: “For all intents and purposes.” Thank you.

7. “Heigth”

SONY DSC Source: Wikimedia

*begins to sob*

8. “Thighland”/”Thigh green curry”

Thai_green_chicken_curry_and_roti Source: Wikimedia

*resists the urge to blurt “It’s TAI-land, actually”*

9. “Thought”

12212474014_523cd63525_b Source: Flickr/llmicrofono oggiono

Thought by your theacher. That’s nice.

10. “Expresso”

Linea_doubleespresso Source: Wikimedia

Don’t you have to be grateful sometimes that you aren’t working in Starbucks and hearing this every day? You do.

Are we all OK? Do we need a moment?

heavy-breathing-cat-gif Source: WeKnowMemes

H/T to @HollyShortall, @nadia_dailyself and this enraging thread

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