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i can see clearly now

13 struggles only people who wear contact lenses will understand

You pay a price for perfect vision.

1. The memories of the first time you ever tried to put them in haunt you to this day

At the time, you physically couldn’t stick your fingers in your eyes. But you learned.

2. Trying to figure out if you have them the right way round…

gen_handle5 Andrewgasson Andrewgasson

Give ‘em a little squeeze.

3. …But still managing to put them in inside out

giphy Giphy Giphy

4. If you’re a gal, you’ve probably painstakingly applied eye makeup, then remembered you need to put your lenses in

fbb2b37ca275953c256a238ec72fdc62 Pinterest Pinterest

And so begins the “DON’T LET THE CONTACT TOUCH THE MASCARA” dance.

5. Waking up in the morning, seeing everything around you, and thinking “I’VE BEEN CURED!”

140be4a Reaction Reaction

Nope. You just forgot to take your contacts out again, you absolute dose.

6. Running out of lens juice

Always at the most inopportune times.

7. Having to construct makeshift cases when you forget yours

My coworker forgot her contact lens case, so she improvised. Imgur Imgur

8. Running out of contacts for one eye only

43911 videobash videobash

It happens with EVERY batch. Every batch!

9. Casually putting your whole hand in your eye to adjust a rogue lens

Dont you hate it when your contact randomly falls out?! What the heck?!?! I HATE my life and also cause these girls had boxes of craisins and i thought they were juice boxes but THEY WERENT!! They WERE CRAISINS!!!! #fml #nojuice #rolling #verymuscular #contactprobs #cantseethehatersss Instagram / jules2coolzzzz Instagram / jules2coolzzzz / jules2coolzzzz

10. Getting screamed at for doing that

giphy Giphy Giphy


11. Contact lens tears

We’re not sad! No, these are just the tears of tired, sore eyes.

12. Finding a shrivelled old contact lens flung on your floor

203379313_1f06370bf0_b Flickr Flickr

Aww. Farewell, little buddy.

13. But despite all this, appreciating the magic of the lens

Perfect sight, just like that. It’s wizardry, we tell you.

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