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Couple to leave all their money to their pet monkey

They say they have raised the monkey ‘like a son’.

Long-tailed macaque
Long-tailed macaque
Image: Flickr/dittmars

AN INDIAN COUPLE has said that when they day, they want all their money to go to their pet monkey, who they have raised like a son.

Brajesh and Shabista Srivastava adopted Chunmun, an orphaned long-tailed macaque, in 2005. Chunmun is ten years of age, but his breed often live up to 40, so the Srivastavas believe he may outlive them.

According to Sky News, the Srivastavas say they owe their success to the monkey – the couple own numerous businesses, all named after Chunmun.

Shabista says she understands that people may find their decision unusual, to say the least:

People might say we are mad, they might even ridicule us. But we know how valuable Chunmun is to us. We are childless and Chunmun is a son to me. We want to ensure that even when we are not alive, Chunmun’s life is not affected and he continues to live the way he does.

And he lives very lavishly indeed.

According to the BBC, Chunmun’s diet consists of milk, fruit and home-cooked meals, his room has air-conditioning and central heating, and he is ‘married’ to a female monkey named Bitti. Every year, the Srivastavas celebrate Chunmun and Bitti’s wedding aniversary with a huge party.

This monkey has a better life than we do. No fair.

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