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11 insane and incredible ice creams we want to eat right now
We’ll take three scoops of each.

YOU CAN’T MISS how nice the weather has been the last few days and there is one thing we really, really love about sunny weather.

Getting to eat even more ice cream than usual.

As  much as we love a Choc Ice and a Super Split we we need to step up our ice cream game.

We’ve dug up some of the most over the top ones out there that we’d happily guzzle this very minute.

1. This over the top fruit sundae

via This Is Why You’re Huge

2. The cone with 10 scoops in it


Stefan Rousseau/PA Archive/Press Association Images

3. Ice creams that look like flowers

How could we possibly eat something that looks so beau-who are we kidding we’ll take four.

via Cute Food

4. Fried ice cream that we simply must have


via Imgur

5. The chocolate feast that makes an average 99 look timid

ice cream time

via Imgur

6. Ice cream that comes in a donut

via That's Nerdalicious

7. The bacon chocolate cupcake that includes ice cream

via This Is Why You're Huge

8. The Elvis Banana Split

It's got caramelized bananas, peanut butter and bacon thrown over ice cream AND it's named after Elvis, we couldn't love it any more.

via How Sweet It Is

9. This ice cream cake.

We love ice cream.

We love cake.

So that means we REALLY love ice cream cake.

Matthew Mead/AP/Press Association Images

10. The Ben and Jerry's Vermonster Sundae

This has 20 scoops of ice cream, three cookies, one brownie and a host of other yummy things in one giant tub.

via TopCultured

11. The perfect giant tub of ice cream

via First We Feast

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