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You won't believe the size of these collections

People are strange.

Image: World of Female

COLLECTORS ARE AN unusual bunch.

An unusual bunch with a lot of extra space in their homes.

Check out some of the most incredible collections around.

Hot sauce

hot sauce Source: Twitter

Vic Clinco has an entire room in his home in Arizona dedicated to storing his hot sauce collection.

Super Soakers

Massive Super Soaker collection - Imgur Source: Imgur

Chris Reid has more than 340 Super Soaker water guns.

Winnie the Pooh

sof6Hd2 Source: Imgur

aIMIFpY Source: Imgur

Deb Hoffman from Wisconsin has spent twenty years collecting Winnie the Pooh memorabilia.  She has 8,900 pieces.


Source: ITN

This man from Singapore has more than 6,000 Barbies.


Fizzy drink cans

coke cans Source: Oddee

The owner of this collection remains anonymous, although we do know that he has more than 8,000 coke cans.

Hot Wheels

Serious Hot Wheels® Collection - Imgur Source: Imgur

Presenting, 2500 Hot Wheels toy cars.


QhViiHV Source: Imgur

PhtgPc0 Source: Imgur

6Fzi9gd Source: Imgur

This is just some of Imgur user theoclast‘s lightsaber collection.


Source: TLC

Fred and Robert have 400 appliances in their house.

Ballpoint pens

Capture Source: Promo Parrot

Angelika Unverhau from Germany has collected more that 220,000 ball-point pens.  That’s without duplicates.

Beer cans

beer can

Greg Stinza spent more than twenty years collecting these bad boys.

Pokemon teddies

pocket-monsters-600x396 Source: Tumblr

What you see above are 12,000 items of Pokémon merchandise, owned the the then 21-year-old Lisa Courtney.  She spent 13 years building her collection.

Mickey Mouse

CC4 Source: World of Female

Jane Esteves owns more than 2,500 Mickey Mouse items.

Dolly Parton

Source: Doug Moxley

Patric and Harold have over a million pieces of Dolly Parton memorabilia.

Are you a collector?  Can you compete with these guys?

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