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The Wikipedia entry for the crisp sandwich is an insult to the nation of Ireland


THE HUMBLE CRISP sandwich has a grand tradition in Ireland – and whether it be Tayto or King, it’s always absolutely delish.

The wikipedia entry for crisp sandwiches however does not represent such glory.

The article might be short, but it still manages to miss out on all the best things about the crisp sandwich.

There are only two photos on the page – this is one

Potato_chip_sandwich Source: wikipedia

The American crisp sandwich – or “chipwich”.

And this is the other

PotatoChipWrap (1) Source: wikipedia

A “crisp wrap” – including cheese and cucumber. And that’s it on the images front.

The only line of text states:

Potato chip sandwiches are sometimes referred to as “trailer park cuisine”

Well now.

This does not represent all crisp sandwiches

Tweet by @Ceebels 360 Source: Ceebels 360/Twitter

A crisp wrap would not make an uninitiated person stumbling on the page want to try this glorious handmade meal

Tweet by @Shane Porter Source: Shane Porter/Twitter

Of course, people are angry

Tweet by @Richard Source: Richard/Twitter

The Wiki is just way too US-focused, and British and Irish crisp sandwich traditions have been cruelly omitted.

It’s not right

Tweet by @Simon Honeydew Source: Simon Honeydew/Twitter

This singular image simply must be included for balance

Curious people searching for crisp sandwiches should at least be given something enticing to look at

Wikipedia’s credibility is on the line*.

*not really, but still.

The state of those American ones.

hat tip twitter.com/ceebels

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