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Cumberbatch's Sesame Street meeting opens with a big fat Sherlock spoiler

Miss me?

Mild, but nonetheless spoilery spoiler contained within. If you don’t want to see ANY spoilers, don’t scroll past the Mycroft buffer…

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RIGHT, ARE WE safe to talk? Let’s go.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s meeting with two Sesame Street residents opens almost immediately with the line “did you miss me”.

Anyone who’s seen the finale of season three will get the reference. The creepy, infuriating reference.

Add in the fact that the line is uttered by Murray, who’s been renamed ‘Murray-arty’ for the Cumberbatch meeting, and you’ve got your spoiler right there.

It’s subtle, but it’s there.

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Otherwise the Sesame Street lads are adorable as always, and Cumberbatch is dashing and posh as always as he explains how to count apples with the help of Count Von Count.

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Cumberbatch taped the TV spot in January, when he joined actress Amanda Abbington to promote the new “Sherlock” season to a TV critics meeting in California.

His puppet encounter proved to be something to brag about.

“I just met with the Muppets”, Cumberbatch gleefully told Abbington, who plays the wife of Dr. Watson (Martin Freeman, her real-life partner).

“Did you have a good time?” she asked.

“It was so much fun”, he said, adding, “they are real.”

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