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Kilkenny girl's adorable take on YouTube singing trend

Using cups for your music is all the range

MOST IRISH KIDS would probably celebrate a birthday with a slice of cake and some presents but this is something different.

Lily turns 9 today and in this video (uploaded today) she does her rendition of the song You’re Gonna Miss Me (Cups) best known since featuring in the movie Pitch Perfect.

cathypower1916 / YouTube

Since featuring in Pitch Perfect, actress Anna Kendrick had a top 100 hit in America with her take on the song.

emma fabray / YouTube

The original version of the song is an American folk song from the 1930s that was covered by Lulu and the Lampshades in 2009 who used simple plastic cups as instrumentation.

lulapinga / YouTube

In 2011 musician Anna Burden covered their take on it and it was apparently how Anna Kendrick learnt the song for Pitch Perfect

Anna Burden / YouTube

So what we have here is a cover of a cover of a cover of a cover but we reckon that Lily’s Irish take on it might just be the best.

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