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9 decidedly middle-class animals

Ever met dog driving a Range Rover? Yeah, that.

WOULD YOU CONSIDER yourself a part of the middle classes?

Well, these animals sure would.

If you think about it, all pets are innately middle class. After all they’ve hired a cleaner – you, their owner.

Horse-riding pug

“Pug” rhymes with “smug”.

Image: via College Humor

And now we all know why.

Mozart-loving cat

We all know and love Keyboard Cat.

But think about it. Keyboard Cat got piano lessons as a child. Posh or what?

Urban welly-wearing goat

Look at this goat in his Hunter wellies.

Image: via Geyser of Awesome

We thought goats were sound – one of the lads, if you will. But this goat gives us pause for thought.

Wine-swilling moggie

“Ah, 2013, a very good year.”

Image: via Kansas Kitty

Go home, kitty, you’re drunk.

Dog in his feck-off big SUV

Does this dog really need that Jeep just to collect his kids from school?

Image: via Flickriver

We bet he does not.

Deeply uncool middle class monkey

We bet this monkey wears socks and sandals on his holidays.

Image: via Funny Animals

Get with it, daddio.

Snobby dog

This dog will only fly Aer Lingus.

Image: via Assist Dog

Honestly, he can’t be bothered with Ryanair.

It’s just not woof it. (Sorry).

Cat middle class moaning on social media

This cat’s biggest problem is that their iPad screen is too bright.

Image: via Global Animal

We bet this cat is constantly updating their Twitter status with totally white whines like that. Stupid cat.

And finally, the aristocratic animals…

These pooches aren’t just middle class – they’re positively blue blooded.

Image: via The Chive

What’s the most middle class thing your pet does? Does he get cooked dinners? Fancy.

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