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my pet human

13 times animals showed their humans who was boss

“My human is such a pest.”

1. “There there, human.”

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2. I just want to be close to you, human.

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4. When you walk your human and you have to stop every few seconds…

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5. Ugh, my human is so embarrassing.

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6. Just posing for a selfie with my new human.

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7. “Ugh, look at this dog and his human. Such saps.” – this cat

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8. Just bringing my human out so he can stretch his legs.

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9. Yay! Car selfie with my human!

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10. You’re not moving out of my sight, human.


11. Not this time, human. I haven’t forgotten about last time.

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12. Get out of my bed, human.

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13. Human, put my wine down!!!!

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