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This Irish guy has gone viral thanks to his brilliant animal selfies

It’s like these animals know the camera is there.

NOT CONTENT WITH regular selfies, Irish photographer and self-styled adventurer Alan Dixon has taken it to the next level on his travels.

The adorable animal selfie.

Living in Australia, he’s mastered the art

And his animal selfies have been picked up this week by RT, Metro in the UK and Yahoo across the Atlantic - which is understandable because they are class.

It’s like the animals love the lense

Which leads to some of the greatest selfies

These animals are absolute characters

Speaking to RT, Allan says you need to have patience in the animal selfie game:

You have to be still, lie down, gain their trust in their environment for a while. Most of the time they’re more scared of you than you are of them.

And it really pays off

Even their hairstyles are on point

He’s been doing this for some time now, as you can tell from his Instagram page

True commitment to the animal selfie

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