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This man has provided you with all of these familiar cartoon voices

Raise your glass for Dan Castellaneta.

TODAY IS DAN Castellaneta’s birthday.

You probably know that he is responsible for the voice of Homer Simpson, but did you know that he was responsible for loads of other characters you’ll be familiar with?

Check out the array of people he has voiced.

Homer Simpson

Source: Hulu

Grandpa Simpson

Source: qwerty30210

Barney Gumble

Source: jhearn28

Krusty the Clown

Source: Wylieb0y90

Groundskeeper Willie

Source: blainyrules

Mayor Quimby

Source: timdohrmann

Sideshow Mel

Source: CJCartoons

Squeaky Voiced Teen

Source: nukethewhales34

Earthworm Jim

Source: Legendary Super Mario

Megavolt, Darkwing Duck

Source: yogurtcongelado13

Grandpa Phil, Hey Arnold

Source: Joe Mountain

Robot Devil, Futurama

Source: MademoiselleAnna

What a talent!  Happy birthday Dan!

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