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An enthusiastically dancing 'dad' was the real star of the Super Bowl

Look at his happy little FACE.

NOT BEYONCÉ, NOT Bruno Mars, and certainly not Chris Martin – this man, and only this man, was the star of the Superbowl halftime show.

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Eagle-eyed viewers spotted this guy giving it socks behind DJ Mark Ronson and dubbed him 2016′s Left Shark - this Vine of him dancing has been viewed millions of times:

The identity of the dancing man was soon discovered by Lisette Mejia of PopSugar  – his name is Mark Sumner, he’s 62, and actually, despite what his dancing might have you believe, not someone’s dad.

Sumner was acting as a chaperone to the UC Berkeley students dancing during Bruno Mars’ performance, and said he was instructed by producers to give “110% of his energy levels”, though he thought he wouldn’t be caught on camera.

I was probably the oldest person on the field. I didn’t even know who Bruno Mars was.

An outstanding contribution none the less. Bow down to Dancing Man.

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