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Here's why you HAVE to start watching Daniel and Majella's B&B Road Trip
Accept nothing less than a relationship like Daniel and Majella’s.

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I WOULD LIKE to begin with stating that I am not a 60-70 year old woman. I’m 22 years old but I cannot get enough of  Daniel & Majella’s B&B Road Trip.

Since I began watching this show three weeks ago, I have become enamored with both Daniel and Majella. Here are the main reasons why you need to watch this show.

1. Daniel and Majella are an amazing couple

I always scoffed at all the old people who said they were a lovely couple but it is truly undeniable.  I have never witnessed a cuter couple, let alone one in their mid-50s. They both have a great sense of humour.

They are best friends and it’s the definition of relationship goals.

Here is Majella pole dancing on a bedpost in one of the B&Bs.

majella pole dances on the bedpost RTE RTE

However, Daniel tries to remain serious.

woman of your age RTE RTE

But he can’t even joke, he feels too bad about it!

you know i love you RTE RTE

 2. The B&B hosts are such characters

My favourite was Nancy, a grandmother who had more energy than most people I know in their twenties.

She was trying on different outfits for weeks in anticipation of impressing Daniel, below is what she decided to go with in the end:

an aul blouse from penneys for 13euro RTE RTE

Of course, where else but Penneys?

Nancy also arranged a chauffeur to drive herself, Daniel and Majella to the local GAA club for a dance that night.

Another one of the more eccentric hosts was a lady called Mona from Skibbereen. Mona kept two books on her bedside locker. The first was the bible and the second was this:

host with 50 shades of grey and the bible beside her bed RTE RTE

Enough said.

3. You can’t help but love the way Daniel and Majella make dreams come true for their hosts

they pack out gaa clubs RTE RTE

Hosts of Daniel and Majella constantly pour over how lucky, privileged and blessed they have been to have the opportunity to essentially have a sleepover with the country’s most endearing couple.

They pack out GAA club halls everywhere they go, leaving the hosts, as one described, “feeling like the belle of the ball”.

Daniel even had a solo waltz with Nancy, picked her up and spun her around at the end. I almost felt jealous.

4. They also give plenty of attention to members of the communities that they visit

have you no homes to go to RTE RTE

They give plenty of time to everyone they bump into during their B&B stays. When they stayed in Nancy’s they took part in a slosh with everyone in the GAA club.

If you are like me and not very rural, you are probably wondering what the hell a slosh is. I guarantee you that watching this show is the best way to find out.

In one episode a host basically coerced Daniel into singing at her church with her choir group to impress her whole community. I think this is the only time the Church would give an allowance its  to get their phones out and take photos.

phones up in church videoing their arrival

5. Their car banter is AMAZING

Here’s Daniel feeding Majella strawberries and cream while being wary not to mess up her makeup.

watch the road watch me face RTE RTE

When you watch this show you will be in disbelief at how funny these two are. Never in my life did I imagine this kind of carry on would be going on in a car driven by Majella O’Donnell going down the motorway.

Below is Daniel warning Majella that if she gets another penalty point she will be competing with his score on Strictly Come Dancing.

points on strictly RTE RTE

6. Their tests of the beds are even better

Nancy, probably out of jealousy of Majella, stuck the pair in separate beds for the night. It didn’t stop them from getting on one together to try it out.

Majella even slipped a sex joke in too. That’s another thing. There are So. Many. sex jokes in this show.

bouncing about RTE RTE

When they first got a bed together they were pretty excited about it’s size.

we could do all sorts of things in this bed RTE RTE

Fortunately for viewers this was followed by a quick montage of the two of them rolling around the bed.

7. You see Daniel and Majella in a lot of strange scenarios

000dc9ca-614 Rasset Rasset

Beekeeping, applying face masks to each other in hot tubs, playing with birds like the one above (we find out that birds are in fact one of Daniel’s biggest fears – note how he’s keeping Majella between himself and that owl).

8. There are actually some lovely B&Bs on the show

2anam manor RTE Anam Cara Manor RTE

The tours of these houses might tide you over until Room To Improve returns.

2gallanmor RTE Gallan Mór B&B RTE

9. Lots of the hosts have romantic backstories

2michael and moira RTE RTE

B&B owners Michael and Moira run Anam Cara Manor, which translates to Soulmate Manor. This pair met in the 1980s but Moira quickly lost patience for Michael’s commitment to the sesh, after he insisted on going back down to the country to drink with his friends every weekend.

2michael moira young RTE RTE

She left him to go to America and met her husband and they both took their lives in two different directions. Then in 2009, Moira’s husband passed away and Michael coincidentally tried to get back in touch with her by calling everyone in the phone book with her maiden name.

The pair now run the B&B together and have picked up exactly where they left off as teenagers, because they can’t keep their hands off each other during their episode.

10. But there is just no couple like Daniel and Majella

daniel and majella RTE RTE

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