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No one can get over this cringey video of Daniel Radcliffe rapping Eminem
Ten points to Gryffindor! Or should that be ‘from’? We can’t decide.

HARRY POTTER IS done with magic. He wants to be a rapper now, yo.

Actor Daniel Radcliffe famously revealed his love of (and talent for) rap on the Jimmy Fallon show last year:

Since then, everyone’s been dying to see him do it again – and he showed off his skillz once more last weekend when he performed Eminem’s The Real Slim Shady at karaoke with his girlfriend, Erin Drake.

Of course, someone was on hand to video the whole thing, and it’s going viral. He knows every word. Every single one.

Mia Anderson / YouTube

People are torn between loving it (and him)…

…And wanting to curl up and die.

DanRad is about to drop the most fire mixtape of 2015. Just you wait.

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