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14 differences between dating in college and dating in the real world

“Is this a date?” – You on a daily basis.

1. In college, you have something in common with everyone (being in college)

13 Source: Matadornetwork

Options everywhere!

2. In the real world, you haven’t met a fellow single person in months and what would you talk about anyway?

vCIwC Source: Imgur

“So… Where’d you go to college?”

3. In college, someone shows up at your house for a party, shifts you, then basically never leaves

dug-up-gif Source: Uol

Boom! You’re going out!

4. In the real world, you’ll meet them on Tinder/on a night out, text for a few weeks, then maybe go on a date

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Best not to show any strong feelings either way, just to be safe.

5. College dates are simple, because no one has any money


It’s perfectly OK to call sitting on someone’s grotty couch watching awful movies and eating oven chips a first date. A trip to the nearest Eddie Rockets’ is a massive treat.

6. No one has any money in the real world either, but that’s not really an excuse

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You’ll be dropping at least €20 on pints and/or dinner, soz.

7. In college, you can just hang out whenever

First Friday night in for a long time, spent with popcorn and New Girl Source: Instagram/mthiesz

That ‘OMG you’re amazing and I want to spend every minute with you’ phase of the relationship really works when both parties are in college.

8. In the real world, you need to take into account work schedules and ugh, responsibilities

2259ce90-db37-0132-cecc-0e01949ad350 Source: Imgix

It might take two weeks for you two to even set up a date, never mind hanging out unplanned.

9. In college, you don’t have to introduce them to your mates because they’re probably already mates

filarakia-central-perk1 Source: Wordpress

10. In the real world, you’ll organise an awkward pub gathering for everyone to meet your new OH

tumblr_no061eCQMs1qj4315o1_500 Source: Tumblr

This is after being nagged for weeks to do exactly that.

11. In college, making things ‘Facebook official’ is a HUGE step

relationshipstatus_censored Source: funsted

12. In the real world, people you know are starting to get engaged

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13. Break up with someone in college, and you will see them everywhere

1409805986353 Source: Thisisnotatrueending

14. But break up with someone in the real world, and you will probably never have to see them again

callmeal Source: YouTube

This we can live with. Hurrah!

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