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# zombie survival
Ever wondered how Ireland would fare in a zombie apocalypse?
Not great, it turns out.

HOW WOULD IRISH people react to the zombie apocalypse? Would we get out our hurls and fight? Or would we say a few Ár nAthairs and hope for the best?

This brilliant video by the crew over at DCU’s Media Production Society imagines what would happen if our fair country was overrun by the undead. It’s not going too well for us.

dcumps / YouTube

When trying to defend your home keep in mind that zombies can’t swim, so if you build a moat around your property they will not be able to gain access. However Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly has confirmed that water charges will apply for all emergency moats constructed.

Ohhhh, they went there.

Irish restaurant’s horror movie-themed pumpkins are beyond brilliant>

Guinness held a Twitter Q&A, but neglected to answer this very important question>

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