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12 people who went above and beyond in their dedication to pizza

You can’t question their love.

NEARLY EVERYBODY LOVES pizza, that’s nothing particularly special.

But only some people take it to the next level and show true pizza dedication. Like:

1. The couple that had this as their wedding cake

weddingcake Source: Imgur

It was sweet like regular cake, but in the shape of delicious pizza.

2. And this couple who got selfie pizza on their wedding day

enhanced-buzz-25717-1390234911-8 Source: Domino's

Love, marriage, pizza.

3. The person who designed this microwave to have a pizza slice re-heater at the bottom

pizzabake Source: Imgur

4. The people who calculate how long a pizza should take and compare it to the Domino’s Pizza Tracker app

5. Anyone who has this pillow on their bed

Cute + pizza.

6. And pairs it with these bedclothes

c8dbebe9216ccda9b0c9222cf5aa5a07 Source: Pinterest

7. The writer of this sign

pizzasign Source: Twitter

Lovably crafted.

8. The person who put this much care into their order. They both love pizza and are ridiculously sound

hUwmIj5 Source: Imgur

9. Anyone that knows pizza is forever, so they have it tattooed on their body


10. The person who wears these boxers around the gaff

simpylnb Source: Instagram

11. When your birthday cake looks like this, you know you have deep love

tumblr_mdrxonuHxG1qgvorno1_500 Source: Tumblr

12. And finally, the person who made this card

True dedication.

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