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11 distinctly Irish cooking methods from your youth
From vegetables to pasta, we’ve got it all covered.

PERHAPS NOW AS you sit down to enjoy your lunch, you’re thinking, ‘I really must cook more – I’m spending a fortune on lunch every day’.

Well worry not, because today, friends, we have a little cooking refresher for you.  One that should bring you back to the dinners of your youth.

Yes, today, we are talking about distinctly Irish cooking methods, as inspired by this comment from Jason Walsh.

Starting with…

Scrambled eggs

After the Meal jazzijava jazzijava

When cooking scrambled eggs, avoid American style non-stick pans and instead lob the eggs in a saucepan and stir at leisure.

Once finished, fill the pot with water and leave to steep in or beside the sink for at least three days.


steak Gourmet or Go Home Gourmet or Go Home

If the occasion calls for steak, be certain to eliminate all traces of blood.

If in doubt, cook, cook again!


βραστά λαχανικά για σούπα - boiled vegetables for soup

Place vegetables in pot, and cover with water.  Boil over high heat for 20-25 minutes.

When done, vegetables should all be similar in colour and taste identical.


Boiling Water & Pasta olasis olasis

When using unusual ingredients like pasta, it’s best to ignore the recommended the cooking time on the packet.

30 minutes will ensure the pasta is cooked, and remove any risk of texture.


Fried Rice 05 mdxi mdxi

This is a tricky ingredient, but if you are bold enough to attempt it simply pop it in a saucepan and boil for 7 to 10 minutes.

A bit of crunch isn’t a problem when it comes to rice.


red potatoes, over cooked starting in december starting in december

It is not possible to overcook a potato, so you needn’t worry about keeping an eye on them.

Once they are peeled, soak them for a couple of hours at least, turn on to boil an hour or two before dinner and everything will come together at once.


Ham bon-app bon-app

Prepare a delicious ham salad by arranging ham, lettuce and tomato on a plate.

For a special occasion, add a well boiled egg.


Knorr_Curry_enl Swiss Food Store Swiss Food Store

If you want to spice thing up a little, simply prepare a delicious curry by adding a packet of curry sauce to a saucepan of raisins, onions, and leftover chicken.

Should you be feeling especially adventurous a sliced apple or some tinned pineapple can be also be added.

Cover with water and boil for 30-40 minutes.  Serve with boiled potatoes and some rice (instructions above).

Sunday Roast

images (1) I'm Hungry Too I'm Hungry Too

When roasting a joint, always be sure to allow for some extra time in case the meat needs a little longer to get to the optimum colour.

Beef and lamb are not fully cooked until the meat is a medium grey.

Pork is not fully cooked until the meat is a light grey.

All will require the employment of an electric carving knife to serve.

In case of emergency

My European Breakfast. Danish Bacon, Irish Sausages and Potato,English Eggs, Polish Mushrooms and Dutch Tomatoes. Also known as the Cholesteral Special. Why is Cholesteral so delicious philfromdublin philfromdublin

Should you find yourself suddenly in the position of needing to provide a meal, simply prepare a cooked breakfast.

This meal never fails to please at any time of the day.

A final thought

Never forget that hunger is the best sauce!


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