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# beauty and the beats
Watch Cinderella and Belle have it out in an epic Disney princess rap battle
It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Cinders. Buffy!

IF YOU COULD never decide who your favourite Disney princess was, this video should help you sort it out once and for all.

YouTuber Whitney Avalon roped in her mate Sarah Michelle Gellar (!) to star as the Cinderella to her Belle, and the two princesses had it out via rap battle.

They did NOT pull any punches. Watch:

Whitney Avalon / YouTube

Belle is dropping truth bombs all over the gaff:

Your tale as old as time sets us back 50 years,
Do your chores, clean the floors,
‘Til a man just appears?

So who’s the winner? We’re backing Belle. Soz Cinders/SMG.

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