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Do You Have Notions?
Well, do you?


1. First off - which towel should you dry your hands on?
2. What do you think about these crisps?
Aw yiss. Gimme.
What's wrong with a bit of Tayto?
3. During the Celtic Tiger, did you ever pop over to New York for a bit of shopping?
Ha! Good one.
Yeah, sure wasn't it cheaper than doing the Christmas shopping over here?
4. You spill something in the kitchen. How many squares of kitchen roll do you use to mop it up?
Two squares max. That stuff's expensive.
As many squares as I need.

KITCHEN ROLL? No, I wouldn't be wasting that. The j-cloth will be fine!
I don't have any kitchen paper. Time to fetch the bog roll!
5. Where do you do your Big Shop?

6. What were your school books wrapped in?
Brown paper

Plastic wrap
7. You have an item of clothing that needs to be dried quickly. Do you put it in the tumble dryer by itself?
Yeah. I'm not about to wear wet clothes, am I?
Are you mad? I'll hang it up for an hour.

Yes. But then I'd feel incredibly guilty about it.
9. Now pick a kitchen essential.
A microwave
Barry\'s Tea

A Nespresso/coffee-making machine
Nice olive oil
10. And finally - are these buns or cupcakes?
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You're notion-free!
You probably think doing this quiz is notions, don't you.
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You get the odd notion.
One time you did your weekly shop in Marks & Spencer. It's OK. We won't tell anyone.
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You have your fair share of notions.
So you can't keep away from the San Pellegrino, but at least you haven't graduated to raw organic green juice yet. Hold on to that.
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You have notions to beat the band.
What does your mam think? Is she OK with all this? Go talk to your mam.
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