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Beauty Q: Do you shave your legs with men's or women's razors?

What we really mean here is the pink rubber ones or the blue metal ones.

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IN JANUARY, WHEN Gillette released their controversial ‘The Best Men Can Be’, we learned that people have a lot of strong feelings about their razors.

It’s amazing really, that a company can patronisingly advertise Men’s Razors For Gruff  Big Strong Sports Men With Very Toned Bodies Who You Can Be Like  If You Just Buy The Cool Razor  That Cool Men With Hot Girlfriends Use for years without customers having any issue, but the minute they make a weak attempt at asking men to call out their pals who are acting the eejit, customers felt deeply insulted. But hey, that’s a conversation that has been had many times over the last month or so, and that’s not what we’re here to talk about today. 

Instead we’re wondering which razors you prefer to shave your legs with. We know that just because a razor is blue and says ‘For Men’ on the packaging that it’s not going to drive your testosterone levels through the roof the second it comes in contact with your skin, just as we know that you’re not going to start lactating the minute you unbox a Gillette Venus razor. 

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There are plenty of people out there who’ll argue which razors are best for their needs, depending on where they’re expected to shave. Reader’s Digest did some research into the differences between razors designed for men and razors designed for women, and noticed that, to the naked eye at least, there’s very little difference between the two. 

They got in touch with Wilkinson, Bic and Shick to ask the three razor companies if there are actually any major difference between pink razors and blue razors. All three companies claimed that discerning feature in both products is ‘the shave angle’. Men’s razors have a greater exposure area and are designed for shaving coarser hair, more often. It’s hard to understand why women wouldn’t want a stronger, more durable razor that will last longer. Surely that could only be a good thing? 

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Typically, women’s razors are more expensive, even though companies use the exact same blades in both the masculine and feminine designs. After a popular Youtuber got in touch with Gillette to ask why women’s razors cost more, the razor company claimed that “The elastomer materials in the grip points, finger rests, and how women hold the razor are different and more comprehensive”, because women need more help shaving in wet conditions because it “can be like acrobatics”.

Having tried both types of razors, I really can’t see much difference. The only way any shaving company could make shaving your legs in the shower more comfortable would be if they gave away a free chair with every razor (and they might as well be, at that price). Suggesting that women need special razors in this situation sounds a lot like that time that Bic ended up in trouble for making a special pen designed for women’s tiny hands, especially when there’s minimal difference (if any, at all). 

So. What do you shave your legs with?

Poll Results:

Men's razors, all the way. (632)
A mix of all the above/whatever's around. IDC! (525)
Women's razors, obv. (488)
I don't shave my legs. (162)
Disposable razors that don't have a gender applied to them. (121)

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