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12 things only dog owners will understand

They’re called man’s best friend for a reason.

SOME THINGS IN life, only another dog owner can understand.

Sashay away, cat people. This is about dogs.

1. People don’t get that your dog is actually incredibly smart

Sure, you tell them that the dog can understand up to 10 words and recognises their favourite music, but you can tell they don’t FULLY appreciate how smart your pooch is. Because he’s probably the most intelligent dog in the world.

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2. There’s nothing better than your dog welcoming you home

Cuddles from an excited pup can alleviate even the bluest of moods.

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3. They can communicate better than people sometimes

Hungry? Tired? Excited? Annoyed? Your dog can get the message across just fine.

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4. It’s a disaster if they get at the presses

One staffer had a dog get at an entire bag of Country Store muesli in a cupboard left foolishly ajar. You can imagine how fun that was.

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5. Baths always cause a bit of a rift

And don’t even mention the “vet” word. Sulks for weeks.

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6. Throw the ball once, and you’re there all afternoon

One does not simply throw the tennis ball once.

7. Letting them off the lead will result in a stinky dog

They WILL find something to roll around in and it WILL stink.

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8. The dog knows ALL your grievances

No one knows more of your secrets, more of your insecurities and more of your life’s gossip than the family dog. Dogs are actually like fluffy, furry counsellors sometimes.

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9.  You haven’t eaten a meal at home in peace for years

The dog will just stare you out of it until you share what you have. Whatever it is. Just share it.

10. No matter what they do, you can’t stay angry

Even when they eat the spines out of your favourite books, or chew one of your runners beyond recognition, or eat your credit card statement, there’s no way to stay annoyed at the dog.

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11. Everything you own is covered in hair

Within seconds of any new item of clothing entering your home, it will be covered in a fine layer of hair. It’s almost impressive, the speed at which the dog can coat things in their fluff.

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12. They are 100% a member of the family

And only another dog owner will ever understand the awful, genuine pain of losing a family pet.

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