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Sorry, but you've been doing these 11 things wrong your whole life

Here’s how to do it right.

WE’RE NOT ONES to tell you what to do, but you’re pretty much doing all this stuff wrong.

There is an easier way!

1. Tying a tie

Never be unsure again.

quickest way to make tie

2. Eating Toblerone

A subtle yet vital difference.


3. Wearing bobby pins

You leave a little trail of them behind you, but when they find themselves in your hair, the flat side is supposed to go UP. Try it. Your life will change.


4. Cutting tomatoes

Bet you cut them one by one, on a chopping board? Ha!

DaveHax / YouTube

5. Peeling an orange

Orange peel is an unnecessary barrier to the tasty citrus inside. Take some tips from the Russians.

CrazyRussianHacker / YouTube

6. Peeling potatoes

Ingenious scenes.

rim rima / YouTube

7. Pouring juice

Turn the carton around for a steadier stream.

Juice-Pour-GIF Nerdist Nerdist

8. Using a straw

Stop it bobbing to the surface by using the can tab.


9. Tying your laces

“I know how to tie my laces,” I hear you plea.

Not this fast.


Think of those extra valuable seconds you’ll have to walk places without worrying about tripping.

Will Jackson / YouTube

10. Eating a burger and chicken wings

Avoid spillages, waste, and generally looking like an animal.

Here’s how to hold a burger.

foodbeastTV / YouTube

As for chicken wings, give the bone a twist for maximum shoving-in-your-gob momentum.


11. Removing your shirt

Just pull under one armpit, and never get stuck in a clothy mess again.


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