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This guy's mortifying Domino's Twitter exchange could've happened to any of us

We’ve been that soldier.

Image: Dominos

BEFORE YOU GO ranting to a company on Twitter, make sure you’re not actually the one in the wrong.

We get it. You’re hungry, you order Domino’s, and it doesn’t immediately look like what you were expecting. Frustrating.

Twitter user SadderDre took to Twitter to complain the the pizza place’s customer service and what unfolded, is our favourite customer interaction yet.

So he got a base with no toppings, right?

Domino’s quickly got back to him, as Domino’s do


But HEY, hold on a second


anigif_enhanced-buzz-16658-1383377752-12 Source: Buzzfed

Thank you SadderDre, thank you for this gift.

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