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JK Rowling thinks Donald Trump is worse than Voldemort

Is Trump really as nasty as He Who Must Not Be Named?

DONALD TRUMP IS certainly shaping up to be the villain of the US presidential race, but is he as bad as Harry Potter villain Voldemort? JK Rowling seems to think so.

Presidential Race Trump Jury Duty Source: Seth Wenig/PA Wire

Yesterday, the Republican presidential candidate suggested that Muslims be banned from entering America until authorities can “figure out” their attitudes to the country.

Soon after this statement, people on Twitter started comparing Trump to Lord Voldemort, who in the last part of the Harry Potter series begins persecuting people who are not of ‘pure’ wizarding blood.

Lord_Voldemort Source: Wikimedia

But JK Rowling isn’t too pleased with this comparison. In fact, she thinks its rather insulting to Voldemort.

Reacting to this news on Twitter, the author said:

When the creator of one of fiction’s most heinous villains thinks you’re worse than that villain, you’re probably a bad person, right?

We’re not sure. Voldemort did kill people off willy-nilly and lead a band of murderous wizards called Death Eaters, but what do we know? Rowling is the boss. She calls the shots.

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