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Donald Trump tweeted a fake Donald Trump quote slagging off Donald Trump

A case of Donald blowing his own Trump-et went deliciously awry.

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IN CASE YOU had doubts about the colossal size of Donald Trump’s ego, here’s a reminder.

Writer David Roth often tweets sarcastic jabs about Donald Trump – he says he does it “to goof on the bellowing crassness and grandiose dopiness that are Trump’s trademark.”

This fake quote, however, impressed the subject enough that he decided to claim it as his own. Really.

Within an hour, Trump had tweeted the quote (proving to the world that he searches for his own name on Twitter, but that’s another story entirely):


Roth was pretty tickled by the whole situation, writing on SB Nation:

Did he just appropriate what I wrote and make it his own, and so undercut the joke by making it into a non-joke? Did he, as I sincerely hope, look at this nutrition-free platitude and think, “yeah, close enough”?

It seems Trump hasn’t noticed that he didn’t actually say these words yet. He has never written a book called Winning, either.

You could say Donald has been TRUMPED. (Sorry.)

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