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11 essential facts of life for Irish people who don't like beans
“What? You don’t like beans?”

4 syns for sausages and hexb toast. #slimmingworld #bestdietever #fullenglishbreakfast #fullirishbreakfast laurie_sw_fan laurie_sw_fan

“WILL YOU HAVE some beans?”

“Nah, I’m alright thanks.”


As a nation, Ireland loves beans – but there are a small minority of people who just can’t stand them. Their lives look like this:

1. Your breakfast options are seriously limited when you’re not at home, because beans take up half the plate

#fullirishbreakfast realvenusinfurs realvenusinfurs

Suddenly the plate looks a lot emptier without the ultimate breakfast filler that is beans.

2. And you’ll never understand how people are OK with the bean juice just running all over the plate – ruining the rest of the fry

No better way to wake you up and get you going on a sunday... Yum! #fullirish craigersregan craigersregan

You watch other people’s plates as the beans slowly creep across, infiltrating the bacon and sausage.

3. People genuinely think that the beans are an essential part of a proper breakfast – and that you’re missing out in life

Come for our #Sunday best after #siclovia! Serving this delicious #fullirish for #breakfast from 3p-6p. #southtown #sanantonio #sundayfunday francisbogside francisbogside

^missing out on that.

4. Everyone is all like “but how can you enjoy other tomato-based deliciousness and not like beans?”

Mmm... meatballs jeffreyw jeffreyw

5. To which you respond that other tomato-based meals don’t have tiny little beans floating in them. Also, the sauce is thick and not bean juice

Sky Cafe 2, Fitzrovia, London Ewan-M Ewan-M

6. When you look at a plate of beans, all you can see is the tomato juice lake forming

Mortimer's Cafe, Fitzrovia, London Ewan-M Ewan-M

7. You’re actually fine with beans by themselves in, say, a burrito

The Feve Brunch - cuban pork burrito Edsel L Edsel L

8. But it’s the combination of beans and juice that gets you – nothing dominates an otherwise dry dinner like the scourge of beans

Fried potatoes, with baked beans. LoopZilla LoopZilla

9. You never got on board with the whole ‘student eating beans on toast’ stereotype

Baked Beans on Toast at Cafe Maria, Dalry Road, Edinburgh

10. Because toast is so much nicer when you don’t have bean juice running off it

Steaming Hot MokshaDolphin MokshaDolphin

11. And finally… you’re willing to try other foods you don’t really like – but not beans

8332202685_1cb16c0d41_b-630x472 flickr flickr

There’s just something about them: the texture, the aesthetics, the colour.

Beans are the worst.

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