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Drogheda Animal Rescue have discovered the dog from Up

He was hiding under your porch because he loves you.

“I HAVE JUST met you, and I love you.”

Drogheda Animal Rescue posted a picture of this poor lost dog on their Facebook page, and we couldn’t help noticing his resemblance to a certain squirrel-hunting animated pup.

DOG FOUND: wandering around Finian's Park ... Source: Facebook

It’s Doug from Up!

Let’s have a side-by-side, for reference:

dougupcoll Source: Facebook/Wikia


squirrel-up-dog-gif Source: Photobucket

Doug (that’s what we’re calling him now) was found wandering around Finian’s Park, Drogheda yesterday afternoon. If you think you know who he belongs to, find out how to contact the rescue service here.

h/t Ken Sweeney for the discovery

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