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This lad was so drunk that he didn't realise the escalator wasn't moving...



SOMETIMES WHEN YOU’RE drunk, you can lose all sense of time and space.

In fact, everything can kind of come to a standstill.

Including escalators.

This man was filmed by his mate standing at the foot of a stationary escalator, apparently operating under the misguided notion that it was in fact moving.

Ah, some time to just be still and alone with my thoughts.

insta Source: FerrariNick/YouTube

This is really trippy, man.

insta Source: FerrariNick/YouTube

Is it just me or is this taking a while?

insta Source: FerrariNick/YouTube

Oh well. I guess life is about the journey, not the destination.

insta Source: FerrariNick/YouTube

It was quite the trip.

Source: FerrariNick360/YouTube

In fairness, he’s not the first person to struggle with an escalator after a few beverages…

Be careful out there, everyone.

insta Source: FerrariNick/YouTube

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