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16 of the stupidest things people have actually bought while drunk-shopping online
Don’t drink and shop, kids.

1. A family tub of communion wafers

2. A ferret racetrack

3. Five future butterflies

4. This beautiful mug, featuring Nigel Farageโ€™s beautiful mug

5. The unexpected benefit of learning just how much of an Ashley Tisdale fan you really are


7. This large, furry housemate

8. A handy spade

9. Dogceratops, straight outta Jurassic Bark

10. This badge

11. A life-size cardboard reminder of Chris Farley

12. Cavalry officer Major Bushy McNuts

13. ???

14. Two (2) industrial-scale rolls of bubble wrap

15. Rusty Kuntz

16. And a breathalyser.

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