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7 staggering similarities between 'drunk Sherlock' and drunk YOU

Some spoilers. Just a few small ones. Worth it though.

Some minor spoilers here. You have been warned. If you don’t want to read them, don’t scroll past the GIF buffer…

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RIGHT, NOW IT’S safe to chat.

Last night’s episode of BBC’s hit show Sherlock has turned the emotions of telly-watchers everywhere upside down.

The second offering of season three gave us Watson’s stag night and wedding to Mary, with a little bit of murder mystery thrown in for good measure.

The episode was something of a departure from what we’re used to, with a strong focus on the Watson/Holmes bromance and wedding planning, and less time spend on solving crimes.

It wasn’t to everyone’s taste:



However, we feel we can all agree that Sherlock and John drunk on the stag night was some of the finest telly ever broadcast:




Here are just some of the ways Drunk Sherlock and Drunk You are essentially the same person…

1. Are you looking at me?

Nobody escapes drunken rows. Not even Sherlock.

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2. Just need to rest my eyes for a second

Drinking can be tiring business you know.


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3. No, you’re MY bessssssss friennnnnn

Nothing unites best friends like a night on the batter.

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4. Say what?

Come on now. Who hasn’t staggered into Eddie Rockets after a few ales and ordered some “nicken chuggets”?

#drunksherlock #sherlock #clueingforlooks The game is ... Something! Source: emilyrosebrownsword

5. Where’s the whatchamacallit?

Usually Sherlock’s ‘Mind Palace’ is a place of intuition, quick thinking and amazing deductions.

Not when he’s drunk though. When he’s drunk a chair is a “sitty thing” and “cardigan” is the best he can do. We’ve all been there.

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6. Puking your ring up

Strategic pukes FTW.



7. The morning after




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Pint? Anyone?

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