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totaly piss

12 of the great drunk texts of 2015

“Where a too”.

1. Please note the time. And the remorse

beans Louise Keegan Louise Keegan

2. “Do much to solo sokoto pre”

sok @_abbycarter @_abbycarter

3. Lord Alan Sugar, drunk tweeting

4. Drunk texting…. Highland Radio about milking goats

5. We’re all on the wine, to be honest

6. “I think mestop. I post like”

post @sidneywarren @sidneywarren

7. Shits for everyone!

shit @kirinjones @kirinjones

8. “When your students drunk email you”


yard @confessionochs @confessionochs

9. Wow. Just… wow

10. She got there eventually


11. The ‘what’ that rang out across the world


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