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11 times drunk you was good to sober you

You weren’t as thought as you drunk you were.

1. The time you thought you deserved a little present

And the time you thought the dog deserved a little present

This was my best and last drunk Amazon purchase.

beer Source: @yevragbelac

The time you pre-dodged a mam bullet

mom Source: squirrelgang on reddit

The time you pre-dodged a vodka bullet

The time you treated yourself to this

And this

bravo Source: imgur

The time you planned ahead for Halloween



chris3 Source: @lmaoflakes

The time you planned ahead for lunch

Got drunk last night and ordered a Domino's to be delivered for noon today to cure my hangover. Forgot all about it. Sober Conor would like to thank drunk Conor for his kind consideration. Source: _conorlynn


The time you bought an I Heart Nigel Farage mug

And the time you bought ALL the lipsticks

And not forgetting the time you wrote yourself a little note

drink Source: imgur

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