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9 signs Dublin has completely lost the run of itself

Simply. Having.

1. €30 for a jar of popcorn in Fresh

popcorn Source: William Barry via OMGWACA

We saw the popcorn with our own eyes. It’s about the same size as a large jar of Maxwell House. Thirty. Euro.

2. The queue to get into Brown Thomas

3. The Nutella queue once you get into Brown Thomas


Shoutout to this Nutella injustice:

4. Parking in the Brown Thomas car park

It’s far from the Brown Thomas car park etc…

5. Queueing for notions cheese

6. This article in the Irish Indo

drayton Source: Irish Independent

I’d describe our Christmas style as traditional glam.
I’ve done six-course meals for 20 people here,” says Gerald. “But I’m a total fraud when it comes to cooking – I’m the type of cook who can’t do an omelette, but who can start with marinated lobster in an oyster truffle sauce followed by pork loin stuffed with pears infused with bacon and blue cheese.

7. A queue to get onto Grafton Street

8. The traffic on the N11 at midday

9. Queuing for trollies

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