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The Ultimate Northside Dublin 12 Pubs Crawl

Featuring some of the best pubs in the city.

WE UNDERSTAND THAT the 12 Pubs of Christmas tradition is not for everyone, but if you do intend to do a Christmas-themed crawl… Here’s a helping hand.

northsidepubcrawl Source: DailyEdge.ie/Google Maps

We’ve devised a route that starts all the way up in Phibsborough and finishes in Ormond Quay, stopping in on some of Dublin’s best pubs along the way. Enjoy!

1. The Back Page, Phibsborough

The Back Page - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook/The Back Page

Get on your way in this cosy yet quirky sports bar…

2. WJ Kavanagh, Dorset Street

…Then make your way down to Dorset Street for some tasty craft beers in Kavanagh’s.

3. Hop House, Parnell Street

The Hop House pub's ever popular beer garden is Source: Facebook/Hophouse/Kimchi

On to Hop House for another pint – make sure to fill up on some delicious Korean food while you’re at it. Remember, eating is not cheating.

4. The Black Sheep, Capel Street

Some craft beers, some board games, and hey, you’ve got a party.

5. Slattery’s Bar, Capel Street

You don’t have to go far for your next feed of pints – they’re also on Capel Street, in Slattery’s. Wahey!

6. Pantibar, Capel Street

A break from the norm, Pantibar will provide your 12 Pubs night with lots of pop hits and performances from some of the best drag queens in Dublin (and you may catch a glimpse of the landlady herself).

7. Nealon’s, Capel Street

jacknealon Source: Facebook/Jack Nealon's Pub

Right across the road from Panti. We can’t guarantee more drag queens, but we can guarantee another lovely pint?

8. The Hacienda Bar, Arran Street East

Great to welcome Ed Sheeran to the Hacienda last Source: Facebook/Hacienda Bar, Dublin

Fancy a bit of pool? The Hacienda has just that, if you’ve kept your wits about you. (Yep, that’s Ed Sheeran hanging out there during the summer.)

9. M Hughes, Chancery Street

After such a close brush with celebrity (Ed Sheeran you guys!) you might need a small one to help you calm down. M Hughes is your only man.

10. Frank Ryan’s, Smithfield

Frank Ryan's - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Source: Facebook/Frank Ryan's

Stop in at this charming, cluttered old man pub, and you may catch a bit of live music, too.

11. Dice Bar, Smithfield

A ‘phat joint’, you say? Sure we’ll have to stall for one.

12. Sin É, Ormond Quay

Sour Seeds Single Launch 19th Sept 2015 Source: Facebook/Sin É Dublin

Finish off your night in one of the few late bars on Dublin’s north side, and a great one to boot. Literally, sin é.

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