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Dumped guy auctions ex-girlfriend's romantic holiday place on eBay
The ad went viral – and the bids went CRAZY.

A JILTED BOYFRIEND found a creative way to get back at the girlfriend who dumped him just weeks before a romantic trip away.

Jake Dodridge from Berkshire had booked a holiday for himself and his girlfriend in Venice, but she decided to end the relationship before they went away.

Unable to get a refund, the 21-year-old decided to advertise his girlfriend’s place on the trip on eBay – with bids starting at just 99p.

ebay-header Screengrab via Uproxx Screengrab via Uproxx

The listing read:

I’m looking for someone to travel to Venice with me. (This isn’t something I’d normally do but I’m left with no choice!) This includes the flight, tickets and hotel stay for four nights!
I will need to see a few photos of the bidder to make sure you are between the ages of 18-30!! (Will be adding photos of myself later)

He told the Daily Mail that he didn’t see the point of “wasting a good holiday” and that the trip would be a “great first date” with the winning woman.

The listing went super viral in the UK – a screengrab from Jake’s Facebook page shows bids had reached £99,100 before the ad was removed by eBay.

Jake Dodridge - Mobile Uploads | Facebook Facebook Facebook

It’s not known if he actually found a gal to go on holidays with in the end, but we admire his pluck.

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