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6 things you'll hear new homeowners say

Trust us, you’ll recognise these gems. You might have even said them yourself.

IT’S A MONUMENTAL event in anyone’s life – the first home that’s all your own.

But it often seems that buying a home consumes conversation for months. You’ll see your friend transform from the joker down the pub to property-obsessed new homeowner, right before your very eyes.

Here are a few things you’ll definitely hear them say.

1. “We’re staying in tonight, got so much to do in the house”

It’s taking over their lives.

Daily Cognition Daily Cognition

2. “We’ve a big job to do on the garden…”

Not only will a new homeowner let you know ALL about their renovations plans, but look forward to hearing about their landscaping ideas. Even if they’re well aware you hate gardening.

Fluffy Flowers Fluffy Flowers

3. “Of course, we had to do the whole kitchen from scratch”

Cue a fifteen minute pondering about the relative merits of different surface finishings. Argh.

rightherewriteaway rightherewriteaway

4. “Take off your shoes!”

Are they really THAT precious about the new carpets? Apparently so.

Favim Favim

5. “We just had to stop renting… It’s dead money you know”

Thanks for telling us. What are you, our mother?

Shutterstock Shutterstock

6. “And when are you thinking of buying yourself?”

Listen, if we were – we’d tell you.

adagiago adagiago

There’s nothing a new homeowner wants more than other people to join their club. Sure who else would put up with their chat about insulation?

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Are any of these familiar? Let us know in the comments.