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9 parents spectacularly embarrassing their children on Facebook


FACEBOOK HAS FALLEN out of favour with teenagers, thanks to their parents jumping on the bandwagon, and are leaving it in their droves to pledge allegiance to “cooler” social networks.

You may think, sure isn’t it all a bit of fun? Parents are harmless fuddy-duddies who just want to be down with the kids.

But when you consider the plight of the children of these parents, it all begins to makes sense.

This mother turning the tables and cracking a dad joke

tamagotchi Source: ImgFave

This father coming back with an even daddy-er dad joke

awesome-dad-award Source: VeryHilarious

This mum who’s a bit too concerned about her son’s Facebook friends

e221c4224400facbebd5956b4513a6d4 Source: College Humor

This mother who’s sharing far, far too much

facebook-moms-3 Source: Pleated-Jeans.com

This dad who has no problem revealing his daughter’s secrets to the world

facebook-dads-thug-life Source: Smosh.com

This mum with almost cruel views on punishment

facebook-moms-14 Source: Pleated-jeans.com

This mam dealing out some harsh home truths

8gNjJ Source: Mashable

This dad who took his son on a very public guilt trip

vmqqo_publicguilttripresize_617815 Source: Complex

And this mammy who has no problem playing favourites

facebook-moms-6 Source: Smosh

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