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Emma Watson and Prince Harry might be going out, and the internet is going crazy for it

“This is the best thing that has EVER HAPPENED TO ME IN MY LIFE.”

DON’T GET TOO excited, but actress/gender equality campaigner Emma Watson and Cool Prince Harry might be going out. OK, get excited.

emmaharry Source: Press Association Images

The rumours originated in Woman’s Day magazine, which reported that the two were set up by mutual friends after Watson split up with rugby player Matthew Janney last year.

They’ve allegedly been going on lots of secret dates, and an ‘insider’ claims Harry is ‘smitten’.

Considering Emma and Prince Harry are two of the internet’s favourite people, there was much rejoicing online. Much, much rejoicing.

Basically, everyone wants this to be true

People are already gunning for them to get married

A few have noted that their union would be the most British thing EVER

And others are just beyond joy

We won’t believe it until we see it. PLEASE let us see it.

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