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Emma Watson just destroyed those Prince Harry rumours with the perfect subtweet


Source: PA

LAST FRIDAY, Emma Watson was romantically linked with Prince Harry in some media reports.

The internet could. Not. Deal.

The rumours originated in Australian magazine Women’s Day, which reported that the couple were “having secret dates with each other” and Prince Harry was “smitten” after managing to secure a hook-up through mutual friends.

(It also reported that Watson brought no fewer than 12 friends on their first date. Intimate.)

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However, after two days of frenzied internet activity, Emma Watson has squashed the speculation as only Emma Watson can.

With a subtweet.

She also responded to those ‘Emma Watson deserves to be a princess’ comments with this, utterly perfect, reference.

Source: Gr-assets

Luckily, the internet has already promoted her.

Hail Queen Emma.

Source: PA


h/t Daily Dot

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