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Adults with learning difficulties celebrate the Green Ribbon Campaign in this uplifting video

May 2014 is Green Ribbon Month, working to reduce stigma around mental health issues.

THE HSE EVE Estuary Centre is part of the Eastern Vocational Enterprise, and operates as a training centre for adults with intellectual disabilities.

The programme is community-based and recovery-oriented – working to help adults who experience mental health difficulties, intellectual disability, Aspergers Syndrome and physical or sensory disabilities.

To mark this month’s mental health awareness campaign run by See Change, dubbed the Green Ribbon Month, participants in EVE Estuary Centre made their very own Pharrell Williams’ Happy video.

Source: EVE Estuary/Vimeo


The video was made by their instructor of visual and performing arts, Rachel Kiernan. The participants are quoted as saying that they ”couldn’t think of a more appropriate way that we could spread the Green Ribbon Campaign’s message to start talking about and dealing with mental health problems.”

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