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Eyebrow extensions could be the answer to every over-plucker's prayers

Did you go a bit too mad for the ‘sperm brow’ look in the 90s? We feel you.

LASH EXTENSIONS? Pah! They’re old hat. We’re all about the brow extensions now, darling.

Timeline Photos - Ilah Brows Ireland | Facebook Source: Facebook/Ilah Brows Ireland

Irish women with brows on the sparse side are turning to extensions to take their peepers to Cara Delevingne levels of beauty.

First, your future eyebrows are laid out on an adhesive strip, like so:

Mobile Uploads - Ilah Brows Ireland | Facebook Source: Facebook

Then the tiny hairs are attached to your eyebrows with minuscule amounts of glue and some serious precision. No shaky hands allowed:

Mobile Uploads - Ilah Brows Ireland | Facebook Source: Facebook/Ilah Brows Ireland

The results? Pretty slick.

I LOVE brows!!!!!! Source: sleekbrows_sara

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Eyebrow extensions are a godsend for people who over-plucked during the ‘sperm brows’ trend of the 1990s, sure, but beauticians say they’re also a great solution for those who lost their hair to health issues like chemotherapy or alopecia.

Just cause I don't post everyday doesn't mean I'm not still at it!!! brow perfecting at its finest. #browsonfleek #browlife #browextensions Source: lovemelashes__

You can get brow extensions in Empower Studio in Ballsbridge, Dublin, Reveal Makeup and Beauty in Tullamore, Co Offaly, and 3D Clinic in Clonmel, Co Tipperary.

Prices start from €30, and the extensions last for up to six weeks. Six weeks of brows on FLEEK.

Know anywhere else that does eyebrow extensions in Ireland? Leave it in the comments.

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