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Facebook users try to see friends naked, get computer virus instead

More than two million people fell for an elaborate scam.

FACEBOOK STALKING IS a favourite past-time of many internet users but around two million of them will think twice before ever doing it again.

They all fell for a scam which promised to allow them to view naked videos of their Facebook friends, but gave them a computer virus instead.

Talk about suffering the consequences of creeping, eh?

USA Today reports that the ‘Naked Friends Video’ scam presented users with an advertisement showing a friend’s picture and the words ‘See (Friend)’s naked video’ or ‘(Friend Name’s) Private Video’.

Anti-Virus provider Bitedefender has been warning people about the scam via its official Facebook page, while internet security website HOTforSecurity shared an image of one of the fake ads.

Source: Hotforsecurity

Those who clicked the link to the ‘naked video’ were led to a realistic-looking YouTube page, where they were prompted to download a fake Abode Flash Player in order to watch it.

Source: HotforSecurity

That’s when the hackers struck, infecting their computers with malware instead of revealing those sought after videos.

Source: Giphy

Perhaps next time they’ll think twice before heading off on an elaborate Facebook stalk.

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