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6 rage-inducing words that will definitely trend on Facebook

Facebook is doing trending topics now. Goody.

Trending 1 Source: Facebook

FACEBOOK HAS ANNOUNCED that it’s going to follow Twitter’s lead and display trending topics on the site.

The move is being rolled out in the US, UK, Canada, India and Australia, according to Techcrunch.

Facebook says that topics like ‘Golden Globes’, celebrities and big news events will highlight the popular conversations people are having via the social network.

However, we propose a few more likely trends…

“U Ok hun?”

This is the typical response to a vague, attention-seeking status which includes the phrases “you know who you are”, “some people” or “can’t say much more on here”.

It will trend regularly, as there is always someone, somewhere asking “u ok hun”.

lol Source: Jamie Jones/@JamieDMJ

“Nite out wit d girlies”

This will trend on Sundays as gas tickets across the globe post photo albums of 84 amazing pictures of their mates out drinking the previous nights.

Many of these images will feature the same people in almost identical poses, with only slight differences.

Best night evah!

facebook Source: DailyEdge.ie

“Dublin Airport Terminal 2″

What’s the point in heading out foreign if you don’t check yourself in at the airport so that everyone knows how much better your life is than theirs?

This is such a common occurrence that it’s bound to trend. Smug bast*rds.



People on Facebook love to count sleeps. Three sleeps til this, two sleeps til that.

Zero sleeps til this is a trending topic.


“My comfy bed”

The only thing more annoying than people checking in at the airport is people checking in at “my comfy bed”. And yet they continue to do it, in their droves.

giphy Source: Giphy


The word husband has lost all meaning and value, replaced by “hubby”, much to our abject horror. Expect it to trend on a Facebook near you soon.

i_love_my_hubby_dz_2013__41683 Source: BlogSpot

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