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The main reasons why being a teenager is just TOO HARD

Misery, delight, and misunderstanding.


You may think you do, but in truth the realities fade from your memory pretty fast.

It’s like you get some sort of adult amnesia which prevents you from understanding how teenage life works.

Today we’re going to rectify that by refreshing your memory of what life is really like when you’re a teenager.

You’re really excited all the time

Or else you’re really bored by everything

Even your badass guitar skills.

YouTube/Tina S

And when you’re not really excited or bored, you’re really…really…intensely…miserable

Your parents totally don’t get you

Your brothers and/or sisters are the most annoying people in the world

Your phone is your life

You live for the summer holidays

Then complain about them constantly

Everything that’s a little bit funny is completely hilarious

The only thing you care about is hanging out with your friends

…because your friendships are super intense

But you don’t really do much

Beacuse there’s not much for you to do

Hence all the time for selfies




In short, you’re on an emotional rollercoaster during which no one understands you and there is very little to do.

Maybe we should give them a break?

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