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11 times a fada makes all the difference

In the name of the fada.

1. Caca means shite

smiling-poop-emoji Source: Cbc

While cáca means cake

Cake Source: The Lamb Family

You definitely don’t want to mix them up.

2. Mala means your eyebrow

Eyebrow Source: AJC ajcann.wordpress.com

While mála means bag

GSB_L Source: Delpac

3. Tonóg means a duck

Duck. Source: Neil T

While tónóg means a small bottom

peach Source: Iemoji

Thanks to @TheIrishFor on Twitter for this gem. 

4. Lon means blackbird

blackbird Source: p e e p e r

While lón means lunch

lunch-box Source: Friendshipcircle

This could make for a very bad meal.

5. Éire means Ireland

gorgeous Source: Twitter

While Eire means burden

134162_story__giphy2 Source: Carbonated

6. Lágar means beer

Galway Hooker: Irish Pale Ale Source: UKSampler

While lagar means weakness

tumblr_inline_n6f1cqryBU1ql32sr Source: Tumblr

When beer is your only weakness, the sentence could get messy.

7. Snamh means dislike

persons-0107 Source: Shopify

While snámh means to swim

tumblr_nl9deeYFg91qfjr5zo1_r1_500 Source: Tumblr

If you dislike swimming though, you’re grand.

8. Doire means Derry

Free Derry Corner Source: Paolo Trabattoni

While dóire means burner

Fire Source: Jayphen

Absolute burn.

9. Briste means broken

Broken trees Source: amicor

While bríste means trousers

beltjeans-630x434 Source: kmart

10. Ban means female

enhanced-buzz-6639-1360187753-5 Source: Buzzfeed

While bán means white

painted_brick1 Source: shortformvideo

11. Sinsear means senior

Richard Harris The Field Source: BlogSpot

While sinséar means ginger

BAFTA Film Awards 2016 - Arrivals - London Source: PA Wire/Press Association Images

Getting those mixed up at the wrong time wouldn’t go down well, in fairness.

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