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19 of the worst bootleg Bart Simpson T-shirts

Everybody, if you can, do the Bartman.

AT THE TURN of the decade in 1990, Simpsons-mania struck the world.

At the time, everyone’s favourite character was Bart. Predictably enough, knock-off Simpsons merchandise swept market stalls, most of it centred around the Bartman, El Barto, why that little…

But what wasn’t so predictable was the way bootleggers presented him. We’ve broken it down into three main categories of fakes: Warmonger Bart, Black Bart and Badly Drawn Bart.

Badly Drawn Bart

And then there are the plain old bizarre knock-offs. You’d have to wonder if some of these people have ever actually even seen Bart.

Image: via Piximus

Image: via Bootleg Bart/Facebook

Image: via Lifenote

Image: via Flickr/Loozorboy

Image: via Bottle of Smoke

Image: via No Homers

Image: via Bootleg Bart/Facebook

Warmonger Bart

Due to the era this bootleg stock was shifted, Bart seems mostly to have beef with Saddam Hussein. Don’t have a cow, man.

Image: via Ebay

Image: via Bootleg Bart/Facebook

Image: via Bootleg Bart/Facebook

Image: via Ebay

Image: via Bootleg Bart/Facebook

Black Bart

The black Bart phenomenon is one we can’t really explain, but it certainly was popular.

Image: via Piximus

Image: via Ebay

Image: via 11 Points

Image: via Bootleg Bart/Facebook

Image: via Knocking Off

Image: via 11 points

Image: Don’t Panic

And if all this Bart stuff has you in the mood for some more, why not take a trip down memory lane and do the Bartman?


Did you ever have any Simpsons merchandise from down the market?

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